Gaoussou Kone, Guitar and Balafons

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2018.  And thanks to all of you for your encouragement and feedback.

This first post of the year is a short one featuring a favorite recording from Mali.  I, unfortunately, despite my best efforts, don't know anything about Gaoussou Kone.  A few hours of googling didn't turn up anything and friends in Mali couldn't help either.

I have two cassettes from Gaoussou and they are both terrific.  Can any of the Malian music experts out there compensate for my ignorance? 

Gaoussou Kone dit Gaston

Gaoussou Kone dit Gaston - Yapeke Tcho Tcho Volume 4 (mp3)


  1. Thanks Matthew, for the moment I share the ignorance, but I found out something,
    first I found a video, the song is Zanga recorded around 2002.

    Also that this album made him change his nickname, from Gaston to Yapeke,
    and another two videos on his ytb channel, one from 2015 and another live from 2016.

  2. Thanks Ngoni. That date sounds right. I bought this cassette in Bamako in June 2003.

    1. Today, I have come across other information between the confused and scrambled data of a 2009 interview.
      Vieux Paré was the sound engineer, but the studio is not clear, because the dates cross, maybe Studio 'Farafina Sound'.


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