The Dimi mint Abba Archives Volume 3: Unreleased solo recording.

This third volume of unreleased Dimi mint Abba is a fantastic solo performance.  This cassette is just Dimi singing and playing the ardin for an hour, for the pleasure of a small group of friends.  I don't know the year of this performance.  Dimi introduces the tape after a first song.  The tape is called 'Tedchine', which means inauguration.  She then gives the date, the 24th of September, but forgets to give the year.  I can't remember when I found this cassette.  My guess is that this was recorded in the early 1990s.  I have no idea what inauguration this musical event is meant to commemorate, most probably the inauguration of a building or a business.

This is an intimate performance for a small group of aficionados; there were likely only half a dozen people present.  You can occasionally hear one of the listeners express their appreciation for a phrase that Dimi sings.  This recording also let's you hear Dimi's ardin playing, an aspect of her considerable talents often overshadowed by her voice.  At one point you can hear a baby start to cry in another room of the house.  These are the recordings I love most, music intense and relaxed.  The sound quality isn't pristine but you could never get performances like these in a recording studio.

Dimi mint Abba - Tedchine (320)

Dimi mint Abba - Tedchine (Flac) 

I have included both FLAC and 320 versions of the recording.  Let me know if you can tell a big difference in quality between the two.  



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