Paul Ede: guitar highlife from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

I have lots of unlabelled cassettes, CDs, and mp3 files of terrific music from throughout Africa.  I go back and forth between wanting to share these recordings, posting them without any identifying information or context and wanting to take the time to work out what these recordings are.  For the moment, in spite of resource and time constraints, I continue to slowly chip away at trying to figure out what these recordings are.  My enthusiasm, however, for this set of singles from Nigeria has gotten the better of me.  I post them, for your listening pleasure, without knowing much about them.

Here are six songs,  ripped from 45 rpm singles, by Paul Ede and his Edorisiagbon Musical Union.  I don't have the original vinyl.  These songs are taken from a CD burn of a 7 inch reel dub of the original vinyl singles.  Paul Ede and his group play Benin highlife.  This is guitar band highlife from Benin city in Edo State, Nigeria.  These recordings feature some very interesting guitar soloing, at moments almost harmolodic, and some nice kazoo (and I am not usually a fan of kazoo).

Download Paul Ede & his Edorisiagbon Musical Union


 I don't know if these recordings are the songs on the lp pictured above.  I grabbed the picture from the Discogs site to illustrate this post.  


  1. Let the music speak for itself! I hear this one loud and clearly. Thanks very much.

  2. Catching up with reading posts on blogs, I just read this post. I picked up this album ( many decades ago, and have since been looking for more. So a big thank you!

    The post may be 9 years old, by the way, but the album is still there.


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