YORUBA Dundun and Sekere

This post features an unreleased recording from Western Nigeria.  A slice of Yoruba Dundun and Sekere music recorded back in 1965 in the studios of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, Ibadan.  The leader of the group is Bakari Ajani.  Who at the time of these recordings was over 65 years of age.

This recording was made by Leo Sarkisian during the same 1965 sessions that produced the great recordings featured here (I will reupload, in higher bitrate, these recordings in the future).

Today Nigerian music dominates the dancefloors and radio broadcasts of West and Central Africa but, for my money, nothing coming out of Nigeria these days comes close to the melodies of Bakari Ajani.

Bakari Ajani - Dundun & Sekere.mp3 - 40 MB

These beautiful pictures were taken from Chief Yagbe Awolowo Onilu's site. Check out the rest of the pictures!