Audu Minjibir & His Group from Kano State, Nigeria

Last week the always interesting Lola Vandaag blog posted two lovely recordings of Hausa music.  These were among some of the earliest field recordings of West African music that I discovered in my municipal library.  Relistening to these two albums set me off on a few days of deep listening to Hausa music which led me to today's post, a recording by Audu Minjibir and His Group. 

Download Audu Minjibir & his Group - Ta'aziyar General Murtala Mohammed

I haven't been able to learn anything about the group but I suspect that they are from the town of Minjibir, located 20 kms northeast of Kano, in Northern Nigeria.  My copy of this recording is a cassette dub of the original source recording, which I suspect is this commercially released recording.

The first song is a praise song for military ruler Murtala Mohammed, who was the fourth head of state in Nigeria.  He was in power from July 30, 1975 until his assassination on February 13, 1976.  This recording was likely either made during his time in power or as a tribute shortly after his assassination. 

Audu has a fantastic voice.  Enjoy!