Samba Demba Djadjé Ba, master griot of the Fouta Tooro.

Samba Demba Djadjé Ba is one of the small group of Fouta Tooro griots whose talents have spread their reputation throughout the Haal Puular diaspora, from Dakar, Senegal, to Columbus, Ohio.  Samba Demba is a Bambaado, a member of the Wambabé caste, a master hoddu player with a soft and melancholic voice, who sings the praises of the Fouta's noble families.  He made his living playing for small gatherings of afficionados, at the invitation of his many patrons, and was regularly featured on Senegalese and Mauritanian radio and television.

Samba Demba is particularly appreciated for his recitations of historical epics, from the regional classic Mali-Sadio to the story of Samba Niaro, the fulani prince of Kéké, in the Macina region of Mali.  This cassette features a well recorded epic, Samba Demba's hoddu is full and clear, well balanced with his voice.  He punctuates his recitation with clear hoddu melodies and occasional snippets of song.  I haven't yet identified which epic he is reciting on this cassette (if you know, please share).     

Download Samba Demba Djadje Ba

I have edited both sides of the cassette into one continuous file.  You can, nonetheless, hear a slight improvement in the clarity of the sound after the 32 second minute (the second side of the cassette).  This is music that slowly unspools, pulling you along with each deep throated hoddu melody.

Take an hour and let yourself be transported to an evening of intimate music in the Senegal river valley.