Usaini Jikan Boka, radio recording

I don't have much time to devote to the blog these days, to research and pull together substantive posts.  So, until I do, I thought I would continue to share some treasured recordings about which I have yet to learn anything useful.  Today's post features a wonderful radio recording of a hausa musician by the name of Usaini Jikan Boka.  His name was scribbled in pen on the box that housed this beautiful 1/4" reel.  This was the only information on the box.  I don't know what radio station recorded these tracks or when they were recorded.

As far as I can tell, Usaini Jikan Boka is (was?) from Nigeria.  I haven't been able to learn anything about Usaini Jikan Boka, and our worldwide internet has not been of much help.  I have seen listings for an academic paper on Usaini Jikan Boka, presented in Hausa, and he is cited in chat room lists of traditional hausa musicians.  That's all I've found.  My ignorance doesn't keep me, however, from enjoying this beautiful recording.  Usaini Jikan Boka is an expressive and passionate singer and this has long been one of my favorite recordings of Hausa music.

Download Usani Jikan Boka



  1. Miss your posts and I hope you time allows you to come back to blogging and sharing treasures soon. Much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for this treasured recordings if Usaini Jikan Boka.


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