Sufi Sounds, Guinée

This post is another installment in my ongoing series featuring what I am loosely calling Sufi Sounds.  Previous posts have included recordings from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Cote D'Ivoire, Mali, Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal again, and the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.  (If you haven't already, you also HAVE to listen to the Hadj Kanazoe cassettes and the Salou compilation shared by MusicRepublic.)  This post features a compilation of four ensembles from Guinée.  

La Grande Mosquée de Conkary (Fayçal Mosque)

On my last trip to Guinée, I was supposed to travel from Conakry to Mamou.  I only got as far as Kindia.  A few hours after leaving Conakry our car broke down.  I spent the afternoon sitting in the shade of a tree, reading Alone in Berlin, while roadside mechanics hammered away at the engine. After six hours of reading--we had to wait for someone to bring us a replacement timing belt from Kindia--we were back on the road.  We arrived in Kindia at dusk, thirsty, dusty, and tired, listening to religious melodies to soothe our nerves.  Back in Conakry, I collected as many recordings of these Islamic songs as I could find.  

As with so many recordings I love, I don't know anything about these performers.  The first two selections feature female vocalists and the final two, male vocalists.  The final selections are longer recordings of live events.  I particularly love the final track, which features unusual interplay between the lead voice and the choral response.   



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