Fakele Coulibaly, RTM 1979 recording


Two years ago, I posted these wonderful recordings by two Malian artists who have similar names.  My favorite of these two recordings features the flé-ngoni, or Bambara thumb-piano, an instrument more often associated with Central and Southern Africa.  The flé-ngoni has fewer keys, and a less sophisticated repertoire, than the Shona Mbira.  To make compelling music on the flé-ngoni, with its limited range, you have to have a strong sense of melody and a pronounced musical identity.  

This post features another timeless set of flé-ngoni songs, likely recorded by the Malian National Radio (Radio Télévision du Mali).  The performer is Fakele Coulibaly and this recording was made in 1979.  (The only other information on the j-card is 'en Bambara'.)  With simple melodic accompaniment, Fakele sings with conviction, the result is a cross between the dreamscapes of Laraaji and the strong grooves of Donso hunter music.  

Download Fakele Coulibaly - 1979 

Fakele Coulibaly is another artist who has seemingly been ignored by our worldwide web and whose talents have been forgotten.  




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